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Who we are, what we do and how we work


Who we are and what we do

Our team is composed of citizens from Hamburg with a broad range of academic and professional backgrounds. We have extensively supported human rights activities over the past years.


HIM Salon

In our event series 'HIM Salon' we invite interesting experts from the most diverse areas, who provide us and our guests with lasting information about human rights in various contexts. We attach great importance to quality and a pleasant and intimate atmosphere, with the aim of promoting direct conversations between the guests and the experts. Among others we already had as guests: Dr. med. Cyrill Nunn, German Embassy in Iraq (HIM Salon 'Iraq' 2019), Dr. Ben Wagner, Director of the Privacy and Sustainable Computing Lab at the University of Vienna (HIM Salon 'Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights', 2018), Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Frank, Professor at the University of Vienna and Head of the Institute for East Asian Studies (HIM Salon 'North Korea', 2018), Frigate Captain Alexander Gottschalk, Marine Spokesman (HIM Salon 'German Navy in Action in Libya', 2017).


HIM Award

In addition, starting in 2016, we created an annual award to recognize, smaller, high impact community initiatives that directly support people whose lives and human rights were endangered through no fault of their own – whether as refugees, political activists, women and children, or victims of conflict.  In 2017, Dr. Asfa-Wossen Asserate accepted our award on behalf of three Africa-based NGOs which work to provide education and professional training in Ethiopia and Nigeria.
​In 2018, the prize was titled 'Unlearn the hate! - How the peace of tomorrow arises in children's minds'. Awarded were the 'Jiyan Foundation' from Iraq and 'streetchildrenaid' from South Sudan. The ceremonial speach was held by Ahmad Mansour.


HIM Projects

We as HIM support selected projects where the aim always is to promote and strengthen Human Rights. The Hamburg Human Rights Initiative (HIM) always assumes a mentoring role and flankes the projects with appropriate donations, their acquisition, public relations work and, with the help of our extensive network and our expertise, the sustainable development of these project initiatives. Our successes include, among others, the project 'Studydock - Room for learning' and the 'Hamburger Atlas für Flüchtlingshilfe'. 


Our current projects

Bettermakers is our latest project. It is an emerging audiovisual platform where video clips on social issues, society and politics can be collected. The videos, which are created in workshops with pupils, are intended to provide an incentive to discuss topics that are aimed at adolescents on a social level and serve as a prevention project against extremism and radicalization (www.better-makers.de).

In light of the growing demand for refugee relief, HIM developed the ‘Hamburger Atlas für Flüchtlinge’: a constantly updated, web-based resource and directory of over 200 initiatives, institutions and organisations engaged in aiding refugees within the broad spectrum of education, social and cultural integration, lobbying and general help with basic supplies and services. With more than 300 clicks a day this internet based guide has developed into a frequently used tool for professionals to network with each other as well as for those who seek help and advice (http://www.menschenrechte.hamburg/projekte/atlas-fluechtlingshilfe).

Since education is the key for many adolescent asylum seekers to become independent and improve their own future, we initiated  learning environments for apprentices to help them to do their homework and prepare for examinations.



It all started with us establishing the Human Rights Watch Committee in Hamburg, organizing fundraising, outreach, and advocacy initiatives. In 2011 our common dedication to raising awareness and publicity for significant, pressing and prevailing human rights matters has led us to found ‘The Hamburger Initiative für Menschenrechte’ (HIM). Since then our commitment has a focus on local, national and international projects.

In 2012 and 2013, our team worked closely together with the ‘Hamburger Stiftung für politisch Verfolgte’. This foundation supports politically persecuted people who advocated democracy, freedom and human rights in their native countries, and subsequently found themselves in a dangerous, often life-threatening situation. The foundation enables them to spend one year in the safe haven of Hamburg.

In this context we successfully organized numerous panel discussions, talks and readings with outstanding scholars. Furthermore, our team financed an additional one-year  scholarship. Thereafter we organized an exhibition in Hamburg ́s City Hall promoting the activities of the foundation named “5 x Hamburg und zurück”. Moreover, we actively  supported various projects and initiatives by enhancing communication, exchange and monetary donations. Our activities have steadily expanded in the past years.


Account for donations

The Hamburg Initiative for Human Rights (HIM) is a registered association that exclusively pursues charitable purposes. Your donations and funding go directly into our work and the projects we support. Our office and staff costs are covered by our own membership fees. If you would like to donate for a specific project, please indicate this purpose during the transfer. Your donations to HIM are tax deductible: A simple proof (bank statement) up to 200 Euros - on request and with higher amounts, we also issue donation receipts.


We thank you for your support! 


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